Sprenger helps you stay in control

Leading German bit manufacturer Sprenger has launched some clever new bit designs to give riders better control and horses a more comfortable ride. Launched at this year’s SPOGA trade show in Germany, these bits are unique in their concept and design and look set to be a huge hit with riders who want their horses to work to the best of their ability.

The new MAX-Control (40711) is a double jointed, stainless steel bit which, at a first glance, cannot be distinguished from other double jointed loose ring snaffles. However, in reality it’s very different. The Max-Control is a correction or training bit which locks at a certain angle to become a straight bar. It lies neatly in the mouth when the horse is working properly, but when the horse opposes the rider’s hand, the more intensive locking effect occurs. This then results in the horse quickly learning that it’s more comfortable to work in a good outline, so hollowing and evasions soon become a thing of the past. Available in 5”-5¾ ” mouthpieces, the rings are 55mm and the bit is 12mm thick.
RRP: £69


This Eggbutt Mullen Mouth (40860) bit is un-jointed, with a hard carbon covered mouthpiece that disperses pressure over the whole tongue area and the lower jaw bones. Particularly useful for horses that back off the rider’s aids, it can encourage the horse to take more of a contact when coming into a fence, for instance. What’s more, the eggbutt rings help to prevent the bit from pinching, making it the ideal choice for horses with more sensitive mouths. The Eggbutt Mullen Mouth bit is available in sizes 5”- 5¾”, has a 16mm thick mouthpiece and 55mm rings.
RRP: £45

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