Express Service for Amerigo and Equipe Saddle Purchases

Distributed in the United Kingdom and Ireland by leading equestrian distributors, Zebra Products, Amerigo and Equipe are offering an express turnaround service on all saddles for a small payment of just 5% of the total saddle purchase.
The express service takes the turnaround time down from the usual eight weeks to just four weeks.
Well known for their technical values over the last 21 years, Amerigo saddles are considered a ‘must-have’ for riders and horses looking to perform at their best, with elite athletic performance.
Amerigo always embodies the values of excellence in horsemanship thanks to an approach that highlights the importance of the rider’s comfort and the horse’s wellbeing. Design, quality materials and skilful manufacture come together to create saddles and accessories that stand out for functionality and elegance.
The Equipe brand is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail, making it an absolute manufacturing excellence in Italy and throughout the world. Each saddle is created at Selleria Equipe to satisfy the needs of the horse-rider combination in every equestrian discipline.