Matchy Matchy as Popular as Ever

It goes without saying that in the horse world today matchy matchy is as popular as ever whether that is matching accessories for your horse or even combining horse and rider styling.
Colour palettes and tones can really add style and sophistication to any outfit and as we head into the spring and summer months look out for key pastel shades rose, coral and wood mixed with classic navy for a statement look this season.
The latest range from the forward thinking design team at Covalliero mixes and matches leisure and competition wear for the rider with horse and pony accessories.
The colour ways run through both horse and rider lines and are sure to be a hit whether training at home or in the competition arena.
Navy, wood, coral and rose fly veils can be combined with matching head collars and lead ropes and saddle pads, as well as tendon and over reach boots in cool metallic shades.
For riders on the yard and training at home in warmer weather a quilted waistcoat teamed with polo short and riding tights will have you ready for every occasion.
Team these with check riding socks in matching colours and you will certainly stand out from the crowd.

Another great statement look combines a soft shell jacket with riding breeches and polo shirt whether mixing and matching colours or wearing these stylish items all in one colour.
Who doesn’t love a quilted jacket whether on the yard, riding or even nipping to the shops. Just because you are in riding attire it doesn’t mean you have to look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.
The super versatile hoodie remains as popular as ever and is even better if it comes with secure zip pockets to hold that loose change or a snack bar, look out for the latest design from Covalliero.
High-Tech Features to look out for:
When spending time in the elements look for clothing that is super durable and has key features that will keep you comfortable at all times.
Breathability - is key and refers to the ability to allow water vapour to escape. The fibres wick the moisture away from the skin very quickly.
Waterproof - clothing is measured through the so-called water column rating in mm which is the index for watertightness. It indicates the water pressure at which a material becomes permeable to water.
Water-resistant - fabrics are textiles that are set apart by their special coating. This repels water from the surface and prevents water permeation.
Windproof – the penetration of wind cools down the body because the warm air layer is ‘blown away’. This makes the outside temperature feel colder than it actually is with wind chill effect.
Perfect fit - look for clothing that has an elastic ability, moving as you move.
Feather-light - means very lightweight material is transformed into extremely durable and comfortable functional clothing.
Multilayer – each section in layered clothing should make it easier for the body to maintain a constant temperature.
Moisture-wicking – the fibre is specially treated so that moisture is quickly transported to the exterior and the body is not cooled down.
Quick-drying – A quick-drying material is one where the fibre does not absorb any moisture, but rather directs it to the exterior.