Feldmann Sports Dressage Whip from Fleck

The Feldmann Balance Whips were designed with the input of well-respected horse expert, Walter Feldmann. Feldmann has decades of practical experience in training and collaborated with Fleck on the development of the whips.
The special two-part handle of the Feldmann whip clearly defines the holding position for the various applications, making it easy for the rider to achieve the perfect position for optimum balance or range in the saddle. Grip the top part of the handle to achieve optimum range, and grip the lower part of the handle for optimum balance.
These Feldmann Balance whips are designed to fit securely in the hand. Their special shape enables relaxed riding action and exceptional precision and confidence for beginners and professionals alike.
The Feldmann Sports Dressage Whip features carbon ultralight material and soft rubber balance handles. Available in various colour options including Dark Red, Dark Blue and Dark Brown, and length sizes 100-140cm, priced at £39.00.