How to Find the Right Dressage Whip for You

When it comes to the sport of dressage, contact and balance are key not only between horse and rider but also when it comes to your choice of riding whip.
During manufacture core materials of the highest quality, such as fibreglass or carbon, are taken and refined to form the basis for optimum flexibility, perfect balance and added durability.
The finish of the whips, both with traditional leather handles and modern grip designs, completes the perfect relationship of form and function.

Their precision is particularly impressive, as is their innovative design with many fashionable and classic colours, all combining to ensure a polished performance in the dressage arena
The Contact / Effect collection from Fleck provides optimum grip, a professional action and forward thinking design.
Their centrepiece is a special, high-strength fibreglass shaft which boasts an exceptional degree of precision.
The use of the popular PU handles in conjunction with button caps of different sizes optimises balance and handling and therefore the intonation in communication with the horse.

Fleck Triple dressage whips offer perfect ergonomics for hands of every shape and size. The designers took the tried and tested Balance, Impuls and Delta crops and modelled a completely new, trendsetting design on them.
Its outstanding feature is the Triple Balance handle which combines innovative design and sporty functionality at the highest level.
It sits securely and comfortably in any size of hand thanks to the ergonomic triangular shape and the strength of grip and the materials used on the handle.
The metal end, which is designed in the shape of an eyelet, also acts as a counterweight, thereby optimising the balance.
The key characteristics of the FELDMANN Balance Whip are easy to grasp in the truest sense of the word. The special two-part handle clearly defines the holding position for the various applications, making it easy for the rider to achieve the perfect position for optimum balance or range in the saddle.
They are designed to fit securely in the hand with their special shape enabling a relaxed riding action and exceptional precision and confidence for beginners and professionals alike.