Cavalor Dry Feet

Cavalor® Dry Feet makes the hoof a less hospitable home for necrotic bacteria thanks to the combination of different active ingredients. Glutaraldehyde has an astringent (drying) and hardening effect, while Benzalkonium chloride makes sure the product sticks to the hoof longer.
Thrush is a very common bacterial infection that occurs on the hoof of a horse, specifically in the region of the frog. Horses with deep clefts or narrow or contracted heels are more at risk of developing thrush. Even if you try to keep your horse’s environment as clean as possible, bacteria are always prominent. Horses often stay in a stable with manure or a wet, muddy paddock.

This atmosphere is ideal for anaerobic bacteria to live in the hoof and damage it. The erosion can allow them to invade in the sensitive structures of the hoof underneath the frog, causing lameness.
Thanks to the useful spray bottle, the liquid will reach the deepest parts. By making the hooves hard and dry, oxygen will find its way back to the area close to the frog, which will cause the death of the bacteria. Cavalor® Dry Feet can also be used as a preventative when the horse is sensitive to thrush, but it is recommended to not use it on dry hooves. It will make them brittle and cause hoof cracks.
Available in a 250ml bottle, priced at around RRP £16.50.