New Cavalor Bianco Spray

Want your horse to shine the next day, but don't have the time, or the inclination, to wash him again? 
Found a stain that you missed and no water on hand, or don't want to wash your horse with cold water? 
Then new Cavalor Bianco Spray is the answer!
Cavalor Bianco Spray contains white powder that's activated when sprayed on stains as well as high-quality silicones.
These keep dirt from attaching to the coat, allowing for easy removal with a cloth, and create a protective layer without coating the skin. Cavalor Bianco Spray's formula is ph neutral and won't damage the skin's natural sebum.
The spray is also enriched with argan oil to provide the coat with nutrients and moisture. This natural oil is high in vitamin e, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.         
No water is needed to use Bianco Spray, simply apply the powder to the stain and leave in for a few minutes. Then wipe off the stain and excess powder with a dry cloth.
200ml - £13.50.