First Aid Essential - Cavalor FreeBute Gel

Cavalor FreeBute Gel is an intense gel which can be used for swollen legs, painful joints and sensitive or overworked muscles and tendons. 
The externally applied gel is packed with natural ingredients. It contains a unique mixture of eight essential oils, including eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree, which are known for their relaxing, cooling and soothing effects. This makes Cavalor FreeBute Gel the ideal solution for overworked, sensitive or painful muscles and tendons. 
When addressing pain, it is not only important to deal with the pain itself, but also to tackle the source. After applying, the gel will first have a pleasant cooling effect, after which it will start to feel warm.  Thanks to the hydrogel, Cavalor FreeBute Gel quickly penetrates the skin, where it has a deep and powerful effect on the underlying tissues. Because it has a positive influence on the blood flow, Cavalor FreeBute Gel can be used to relax sensitive muscles prior to training, but will also help to rid the body of toxins after an intensive workout, therefore preventing muscle stiffness. 
The gel can also be used for bruises, injuries and swollen legs to reduce swelling and speed up recovery. On top of that, Cavalor FreeBute Gel is an antiseptic and can sooth pain caused by wounds. 
Available in a 200ml tube, priced at around £26.50 and a 2 Litre Jar with Pump, priced at around £195.00.