Keeping Your Horse Replenished

Keeping Your Horse Replenished 
The average body temperature of a horse is between 36 and 37 degrees. Under load, the body generates energy, and this energy is then converted into heat. 
In order to maintain their body temperature horses and ponies then dissipate the excess heat. 
This is done in two ways - once through the lungs and once through the skin by sweating. 
Sweating is healthy for your horse as it helps him cool down faster but it is important to replenish your horse's moisture reserves in time to prevent dehydration.
Make sure your horse always has access to fresh drinking water and if needed, give him a supplement such as Cavalor Electrolyte Balance to quickly replenish important building blocks and minerals.
An important consequence of sweating is the loss of large amounts of water and minerals, also known as electrolytes. Electrolytes are various building blocks that are important for many functions in the horse's body. 
If this loss is not compensated for, it has a negative effect on performance and can lead to health problems.
Did you know that horses cannot store electrolytes? Therefore, it is important to administer them at the right time.
Especially in the summer, electrolytes should be regularly included in the horse and ponies’ diet, as typically at this time of year the horse sweats more regularly. 
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