NEW 18 Carat GOLD Plated Flexcite Grip Stirrup

Sprenger has launched an exciting new stirrup, the stunning 18 Carat GOLD Plated Flexcite Grip Stirrup. 
The Flexcite Grip Stirrups from Sprenger feature a bow form to help provide perfect balance to set the rider’s leg in the correct position whatever the discipline.
An extra wide tread allows for superior grip to give the rider confidence whilst the non-slippery grip allows for a secure hold even in bad weather conditions. 
Shock-absorbing and gentle on ligaments and joints, the stirrup has no sharp edges on the outside to prevent damage to the saddle or clothes. >
Sprenger offers the highest quality to guarantee optimal security with a super high breaking strength.
With a modern glamorous look these new stirrups are sure to catch attention.
Known for their quality, that performs Sprenger begins their quality standards with the selection of the raw materials. The Sprenger seal of quality guarantees safety and precision workmanship. 
The new 18 Carat Gold Plated Flexcite Grip Stirrup is priced at around RRP: £449.90.