Don't miss the Finesse Bridles Event at the Kingswood Equestrian Centre!

Helle will tell you how she got the idea, and why she finds the bridle equally important as the saddle. You will learn why the Finesse bridle® looks the way it does. Adrian will go through a powerpoint on a big screen, giving you a quick lesson about muscle function and how the sensors of his Curo® ate able to measure muscle activity .. important knowledge for those owning or working with horses. You will follow and see 2 horses wearing Curo® units during a live stream on a big screen, and follow the results, first with an ordinary bridle. Adrian will guide you through what you see on the big screen in real time. After a while we will change the bridle to a Finesse bridle on the same horse and show the live stream results with the Finesse bridle®. You will be able to see the results by yourself and know exactly what we mean when we talk about pain spikes and muscle regularity. Helle will show you how to fit the bridle and what you should be aware of when fitting Finesse bridles®. You will get knowledge about the leather quality and how to clean the bridles and why you don’t use saddle soap on a bridle for instance. Then we have Question time. WEDNESDAY 31 MAY - 7.00 PM - KINGSWOOD EQUESTRIAN CENTRE