Saddling up for Seminar Success!

Saddle fitters and retailers were treated to an insight into the biomechanics of the horse and saddle fitting courtesy of Amerigo’s owner and designer Peter Menet on Tuesday (10 June).

In the enviable surroundings of Irish international show jumper Billy Twomey’s yard, some 17 saddle fitters from 12 retailers were given an overview on the theory of saddle fitting, with Peter wowing the group with his knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of the horse.

Billy, who has been supported by Amerigo for the last 12 years, then gave a demonstration; teaching his working pupil Beth Vernon, before carrying out a tour of the yard.



The day was organised by Zebra Products Ltd, distributors of Amerigo saddles in the UK.  Leading eventers and fellow Amerigo sponsored riders Ruth Edge and Jeanette Brakewell also attended.

‘We’re delighted with how the afternoon went, and of course are incredibly grateful to Peter and Billy for their support with it,’ comments Phil Lowe, Zebra’s saddle specialist.

‘It’s part of an ongoing training process that we are offering to saddle fitters, to support their own development and expertise.  The next part of the journey will be at this year’s Badminton winner, Sam Griffith’s yard in September, where we’ll take a closer look at the saddles and the different models available.’