Italian saddle brand Amerigo has launched a new jump saddle - the CC Basso.
The first saddle specially designed for horses that have a lot of compensation in their backs and a straighter topline, the Basso combines technology with supreme craftsmanship.(Compensation is the difference in height between the withers and the lowest part of the back.)
Each saddle comes complete with a wooden spring tree and wool flocked panels and is handmade according to the needs of horse and rider, to ensure their well being and improve performance.
The Basso is available as Pinerolo, Pinerolo Monoflap, plain or printed refined leather, with a choice of knee rolls, and there is also a forward flap option. RRP: £3,400 for Pinerolo versions or £3,300 for plain leather.
The quality and function of Amerigo saddles is constantly tested and perfected across all disciplines, and they are now the preferred choice of many top equestrian athletes including Sam Griffiths, Nicola Wilson and Billy Twomey. The Amerigo saddle collection offers a selection of different models for both dressage and jumping, as well as a wide range of choices to ensure a perfect fit for both horse and rider.