Premium Italian saddle designer and manufacturer, Amerigo has launched its brand new dressage saddle, the Cortina Siena.

Total balance and optimal coordination of movement for both horse and rider are the inspirations behind the design, making it an excellent choice for dressage riders of all levels.


Made entirely from individually chosen, luxuriously soft calfskin leather, the Cortina Siena gives the rider an instant feeling of comfort, safety and close contact with the horse. The precise shape of the saddle tree and the uniquely padded seat allows riders to find a comfortable and correct position. The super soft kneeroll provides total support but also allows for a relaxed, free, but efficient leg position.

The knowledge we have gained about the fundamental biomechanics required and optimal coordination of movement have been an important influence in the creation of all of our Siena saddles As with the other Siena saddles, the concept behind the creation of the Cortina Siena is to combine the measurements taken from over 50,000 horses and riders. Our wool/felt panel system is unsurpassed and provides direct and precise communication as well as excellent weight distribution on the horse’s back for added comfort.

The Cortina Siena dressage saddle is also available as a Monoflap, and in black and brown only. RRP £3,990.