When looking to buy a new saddle there are so many different brands, styles and shapes to choose from so why choose an Amerigo Saddle?
Since its creation in 1998 the Amerigo Brand has been developing the statement of excellence in all its products with the founder, Peter Menet, at the forefront of design and innovation.
Equestrian biomechanics, and the horses’ health, as well as the riders’ needs, represent the main guidelines inspiring the design and custom Italian manufacture of all Amerigo saddles. These values have led them to establishing themselves over the last 20 plus years in all top level equestrian sports from Dressage to Eventing.
With two different styles of trees to choose from including the Amerigo or the Amerigo Vega, the current saddle collection consists of over 50 saddles in different models. Available in many different versions for almost infinite options means there will be a saddle to suit you and your horse regardless of the style you are looking for.
Each Amerigo saddle is a masterpiece of craftsmanship as each saddle is individually made to order in Italy by specially trained craftsmen and women using traditional methods with a modern touch.
All saddles are crafted by combining techniques and precision as well as the highest quality materials, including premium quality naturally tanned Italian and French leathers.
A few of the benefits to choosing an Amerigo saddle are:
Performance: Amerigo Saddles can be customised to fit both horse and rider precisely, allowing you to achieve your best performance. Comfort for both horse and rider are very important aspects of top performance.
Safety: The safety of horse and rider are of upmost importance, combining top class material and innovative design to create each Amerigo product.
Technical details: Every saddle model or accessory is a result of many years of experience and understanding of the changing needs of horse and rider.
Customization: As well as technical possibilities to achieve the perfect fit for horse and rider, the saddles can also be personally customised to suit all tastes. The leather, colour details and stitching can individually be chosen for a unique finish.
Every detail passes through the expertise of Peter who declares: “We are really satisfied with how solidly Amerigo has grown in these 22 years. The great results achieved confirm to us that our design and manufacture philosophy is appreciated by equestrian community worldwide. We make continued investment and strive to constantly improve our products”.

Sold in nearly twenty Countries worldwide, Amerigo saddles are today a household name in the international equestrian world and are considered a ‘must-have’ and enjoyed by a wide spectrum of riders from all disciplines, from top International riders through to dedicated amateur riders of all levels, who appreciate the comfort, precision fitting and the improved performances of their horses.