Since joining leading names Nicola Wilson and Sam Watson in the Amerigo stable, we asked the eventing legend that is Mary King why she chooses the saddles for her team of horses.
HAVING won countless medals at the highest level, Mary King is one of the true stars of the eventing world, well-known for her many top rides including, King William, Imperial Cavalier, Fernhill Urco and King’s Temptress to name just a few.
Mary rides in saddles from the Amerigo stable and here we ask her why she chooses the Swiss brand to ride in.

Q. What do you particularly like about Amerigo saddles?
Amerigo saddles are so comfortable for both the horse and rider and that is of course very important as is the fit.
The leather that is used is so soft and extremely comfortable from new.
Q. What models are your favourites?
For flatwork training and the dressage phase I ride in the Amerigo Vega Siena Dressage Special.
The Vega Saddles are made using a specially created synthetic tree with a tempered steel head iron. The “Special” leather is an upgraded soft leather covering on the saddle flaps and skirts and the monoflap design helps provide the ultimate close contact feel for the horse and rider.
Then for the jumping sections my favoured choice is the Amerigo Vega Event Special Jump.
The saddle has been created for top level performance and is crafted from top quality materials.
A correct relaxed seat position allows the leg to naturally fall down into its correct position, while the rider’s weight is transmitted to the horse allowing the horse to round its back and engage its hindquarters more easily.
It is an extremely smart single flap jumping saddle which also helps make the saddle lightweight. It has a low sloping cantle and is nicely forward cut – great for cross country riding.
It sits in a very balanced way on a horse’s back, and I have yet to find a horse that it does not fit well. Also I feel very balanced and close to the horse when using it for both show jumping and cross country.
Q. How long have you been riding in Amerigo saddles?
I have been using Amerigo saddles for the last five years they are fantastic and I wish I had tried them years ago.

The Amerigo Collection
Amerigo is best known for its scientific approach considering the needs of both horse and rider.
The brands high quality, refined materials and tailoring manufacture are the main values that have been guiding the brand since its foundation in 1998.
Well known for their technical values over the last 23 years, Amerigo saddles are considered a ‘must-have’ for riders and horses looking to perform at their best, with elite athletic performance.