Are you looking for a saddle that offers superb value and quality?
Made using a specially created synthetic tree incorporating a tempered steel head iron, the Amerigo Vega Jump Special saddle reflects the most popular measurements, and has produced a very flexible saddle that is suitable for many horses and riders.
Amerigo is best known for its scientific approach considering the needs of both horse and rider.
The Vega saddles offers top Amerigo quality and great value for money. The specially developed Vega synthetic tree functions in the tradition of a classical spring tree. Its flexibility allows unrestricted movement of both horse and rider, while the tempered steel gullet plate guarantees perfect fit and stability. 
The brands high quality, refined materials and tailoring manufacture are the main values that have been guiding the brand since its foundation in 1998.
Well known for their technical values over more than 24 years, Amerigo saddles are considered a ‘must-have’ for riders and horses looking to perform at their best, with elite athletic performance.
The Amerigo Vega Dressage Special saddle is priced at around £3,595.00.