Bucas Buzz Off Fly Sheet

Has this spell of hot weather driven your horse to distraction with the amount of flies – well look no further than the Bucas Buzz off Range.

The Buzz-Off fly rug from Bucas is made from a specially developed, lightweight, fine mesh fabric that blocks entry from even the smallest of insects. Plus it offers UV protection for horses, too, therefore preventing sunburn and stopping the coat from getting bleached.

Featuring a sewn on full neck and an innovative detachable belly flap, the rug offers protection to the horse’s whole body, and there’s a matching Buzz Off fly mask to keep the face fly free, too.

The Bucas Buzz Off fly rug comes with leg straps to keep it firmly in place during your horse’s time in the field, and an overlapping, padded and lined front ensures it stays comfortable no matter how long your horse needs to wear it.

The Buzz-Off fly mask is securely fastened with an elasticated Velcro strap, and it’s gathered around the nose area to prevent flies from entering through the bottom. Designed to be used with the Buzz Off rug or on its own, the mask is an effective product that really works.

So do the best by your horse this summer and invest in a rug and mask from the Buzz Off range. You’ll be glad you did and so will your horse.

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