The Bucas Buzz-Off Zebra range of fly and insect protection products with zebra print are made from a specially developed lightweight fine mesh fabric that blocks even the smallest of insects.
Research has discovered that flies hate the Zebra stripes as they find them confusing and so steer clear of them, which is perfect for protecting horses from those pesky insects.
The Buzz-Off Zebra Full Neck Rug provides body and neck protection for your horse or pony. The neck helps protect the mane from the flies and an elasticated brow band helps keep the neck piece in place as the horse grazes.

The Buzz-Off Rain Zebra Rug combines the Zebra Full Neck Fly Sheet with a waterproof upper to protect the horse. The integrated neck and waterproof upper offers full body and neck protection from the flies as well as letting the rain roll off the horse’s back.
Features to the Buzz-Off rugs include T-bar with Snap-lock front closure, silk-feel lining on the shoulders to prevent rubs, leg straps and tail flap for additional protection.
The Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Mask provides excellent protection and can be used with the Buzz-Off Range or on its own.
The Buzz-Off Zebra Full Neck is available in sizes 3’6”-7’2” and is priced at around £115. The Buzz-Off Rain Zebra Full/Neck Rug is available in sizes 5’0”-7/0” and is priced at around £142. The Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Mask is available in sizes XXXS-XL and is priced at around £20.