In this issue we talk to Zebra Products rider Tabitha Kyle on the topic of why she chooses Bucas rugs.

When it comes to incorporating the latest technology, performance fabrics and innovative design, Bucas rugs are the choice of professional riders and horse owners all over the world. Bucas is a name synonymous with outstanding quality.

Sponsored Rider of Zebra Products and Bucas, Tabitha Kyle has been using Bucas rugs for over two years and made the move after previously trying a range of different rug brands.
Said Tabitha: “Bucas rugs are the best rugs we have used and are very impressed by them.
“I feel reassured that Bucas’ innovation means that they are using the best materials possible to help keep my ponies and horses comfortable at all times.”
Tabitha’s favourite rug is the Freedom Turnout 150/150 Full Neck which offers exceptional value for money and the guarantee of Bucas quality.

Her horses and ponies live in them during the winter months, keeping them warm and dry in wet weather.
Tabitha also uses the Freedom Turnout 150 as a stable rug when away at shows to help keep the horses clean.
Some of Tabitha’s favourite features of the Bucas Freedom Turnout rug;
• The front fastenings on the Bucas rugs are really easy to use while still being safe and secure.
• The fact that there are no open clips at the front gives peace of mind that the ponies are less likely to get caught on anything whilst they are out in the field.
• The necks on the Bucas combi rugs are great because they don’t wrinkle or slip down keeping the neck fully covered.
Said Tabitha: “I truly admire the quality of the rugs as they are really waterproof and durable. They fit very well and are also really stylish. And a rug has got to look good when being worn!”
During the winter months Tabitha rugs up using thin layers rather than one big heavy rug. As this means that she can swap out and wash the bottom layers regularly to stop grease from building up without having to wash a heavy turnout rug every time. This also makes it quicker and easier to adapt the weight of the rug depending on the weather.
These rugs also feature a silk feel lining on the inside which Tabitha has found helps prevent any rubs across the shoulders.
The Bucas Freedom Turnout is available in three styles Classic Cut, High Neck (only available in navy) and Full Neck, in three different weights Lightweight, Medium 150g and Extra 300g, in colours Graphite, Cherry & Navy, in sizes 5’6”-7’0”. Priced from £83.00 to £136.00