Cavalor has 27 years’ experience in formulating and developing equestrian supplements. Developed by a team of multidisciplinary experts, they offer effective solutions for a range of nutritional and practical equestrian problems.

Helping to decrease and prevent the build up of lactic acid which causes horses to tie up, Cavalor Muscle Fit helps keep muscles lose, free and supple. It is designed for horses with cramped muscles as well as supporting the muscles after intense physical effort. Older horses, horses in training or horses on a high sugar diet will particularly benefit, with a difference being felt and seen in just two days. For optimal performance, Muscle Fit can be used with Free Bute which helps support the muscles and guarantees greater mobility.

Cavalor takes pride in undertaking clinical research and data that proves the effectiveness of its nutritional products, which can be used safely without violating FEI and Jockey Club standards. Their effectiveness and safety means that the products are currently being used by many Olympic and competitive riders across the world.

All of Cavalor’s supplements use the very best quality raw materials to ensure the health, performance and happiness of horses.