During short, explosive efforts such as show jumping and cross-country, the horses’ muscles obtain energy mainly from glucose and glycogen. 
Starches and sugars are good sources of glucose and provide short, explosive bursts of energy. 
This glucose is also broken down again, releasing lactic acid, the amount of which depends on the intensity and duration of the work. Cavalor An Energy Boost provides important nutrients and an extra dose of quick energy before, during, and after intense work to help horses give their best performance and to assist in recovery. The paste ensures that horses have sufficient energy for top performance and it contains easily absorbable carbohydrates that give a boost to blood glucose levels. In addition, Cavalor An Energy Boost provides amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are important for muscle activity and endurance, while also containing electrolytes for a speedy recovery after competition or strenuous exertion.
Glucose is a carbohydrate that is absorbed quickly, is an important source of energy, and in addition stimulates the absorption of electrolytes.
Vitamins increase the uptake of oxygen in the tissues and blood, giving horse’s better stamina and enabling them to perform at their peak level and recover more quickly.
Lemon, lime and eucalyptus are essential oils that improve energy transport and are very powerful antioxidants, and they protect the body from harmful substances formed during exertion. 
Cavalor An Energy Boost contains important electrolytes (na, k, cl, mg, ca) that support optimum muscle function.
To ensure that horses compete with an optimum glucose level, it is recommended to administer Cavalor An Energy Boost one to two hours before performance.

For optimal recovery it is recommended to give a second dose immediately afterwards.
RRP: Six Syringes £69.00.