Lunging from Fleck

Lunging is probably one of the most effective ways of exercising your horse when daylight is limited and time is tight and using the right equipment is essential. Fleck offer a wide range of Lunge Whips that are all premium quality, super lightweight and balanced so making the job easier. Modern materials such as fibreglass, hollow glass and carbon are incredibly lightweight - enabling the handler to have a greater degree of control over its use.

The Fleck Hollow Fibreglass 2 part telescopic lunge whip 05065 comes in two lengths 180cm or 200cm and is a clever telescopic design, which allows the user to unscrew the hollow fibreglass shaft to replace it with a different length or for storage.

It features a rubberised Golf grip designed to fit comfortably in the hand and offers excellent grip to help prevent the hand from slipping. Available in a range of colours the whip has a lacquered finish to add to the style and durability.

All Fleck whips are individually hand made in Germany.