Excellence in the dressage arena from Fleck

All dressage riders need a little back up to their seat and leg aids when teaching a horse the more advanced movements. A soft touch is what is needed and what better brand to look for the perfect schooling aid than leading German whip manufacturers Fleck.

Their new ErgoBalance Impuls! Dressage Whip range has perfect style, balance and handling. Carl Hester is a big fan of the whips using the Impuls! Solid whip for teaching his horses to shorten their steps - leading to the start of piaffe. This whip has a solid shaft which is ideal for touching the horse without any risk of additional movement through the length of it. This is preferred by Carl Hester’s training methods as there is no risk of any backlash from the whip. The short top lash just gives a small light touch.

The grip is an ergonomically designed triangular shape and has special adhesion properties for a secure grasp. The FEI rules state that the length of 120cm including the top lash can be used in competition.

 The whip is available in longer lengths as can be used as a touchier whip for training the horses from the ground.

Fleck Impuls! Solid Dressage Whip RRP £32