With the strapline - ‘At home in the world of equestrian sport’ - the team at Fleck ensure every single crop and whip bears the hallmark of their expert workmanship and attention to detail.
Recent innovations include the Colorline range of riding crops and the Carbon Premium collection adding to the extensive offering and continuing to break boundaries in design and technology.
The Fleck whip factory was founded almost 150 years ago in the picturesque town of Schwarzach in the Odenwald.
Based on the wealth of experience in the traditional method of making whips handed down since the early years, the team has embraced the ethos “there is always room to improve on excellence”.

The highly skilled employees produce handmade riding and driving whips, carefully crafted to cater to the needs of all equestrians.
The passion for perfect workmanship and creative detail is the key to maintaining the high quality of the range and to paving the way to future success.
When it comes to bespoke riding and driving whips Fleck caters to virtually every conceivable demand from colour to braids and handle materials.
The combination of modern materials with traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design is one of the secrets behind the quality of the finished product.

In a bid to keep up to date with the latest demands from riders, Fleck work alongside a number of the leading names including Carl Hester, Charlotte Dujardin, and Gareth and Rebecca Hughes to continually get their feedback and views on new developments.
The results are high-quality whips with a constantly evolving supply of innovative features which are used worldwide in all equestrian sport disciplines and are used by professionals and leisure riders alike.
Did You Know?
• The secure grip on Fleck Jumping Bats allows the rider to react at lightning speed when split-second timing is required.
• The secret of the DELTA PRO collection lies in the special rubber compound and the fine grooves in the surface which provide the firmest grip in the rider’s hand.
• The Carbon Composite riding crop provides perfect balance and is light as a feather. The lightweight yet robust composite fibre is easy on the rider’s hand, preventing tiredness even after hours.
• For riders looking for a bit of bling the SilkTouch range comes in trendy Premium, Crystal, Retro and Fashion styles.