Sprenger is world renowned for bits, especially their patented range of Sensogan mouthpieces. These bits guarantee highest quality and advantages for riders and horses against the background of unique research and evolution.


Sprenger is known for its philosophy not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Due to permanent contact with top riders and trainers they are able to always adjust their products to the riders demand and furthermore to start new trends.

Made in Germany, Sprenger offer one of the most comprehensive range of bits that are of the highest quality. They use only the finest materials and components available and offer a bespoke special production service, tailored to the customer's individual requirements.

Their bits provide comfort and security for horse and rider and are used by many of the world's leading professional riders.

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What's New From Sprenger:

Sprenger Ultra Fit SlimLine Spur

The Sprenger Ultra Fit Slimline Spur has an elegant and refined design and has been developed to provide a thinner profile than conventional spurs. The intelligent spur strap loop makes for...

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Sprenger Dynamic RS

The Sprenger Dynamic RS gives soft but very effective signals for a better contact between horse and rider. Suitable for horses with contact problems, the Dynamic RS is doubled jointed...

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Bitting the Youngster with the Sprenger …

Sprenger Dynamic RS bits are characterised by an ergonomically shaped mouthpiece allowing a soft and even distribution of pressure for a better contact between horse and rider. The Dynamic RS...

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Sprenger Comfort Roller Super Soft Spur

THE Sprenger Comfort Roller Super Soft Spur has been developed with a rowel that is significantly thicker and more rounded than on the original Comfort Roller spurs. When in contact with...

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New BootProtect Spur from Sprenger

THE new BootProtect spurs from Sprenger protect riding boots thanks to the rubber coating on the inside of the spur.Invisible from the outside, the rubber coating also assist with a...

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Sprenger novocontact Eggbutt Bit with D-…

The Sprenger novocontact Eggbutt Bit with D-shaped rings is ideal for super sensitive horses that do not take the contact confidently.The oval shape of the mouthpiece enlarges the contact surface...

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For more information please contact Zebra Products on: 44(0)1352 763350 info@zebraproducts.co.uk

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