A group of nine retailers were invited on a trip to Germany to visit the home of leading bit manufacturer, Sprenger, courtesy of Zebra Products Ltd.
The visit included a trip to the company's head office and factory, where the group got to see the full manufacture process – from design to production.
'We had a great trip to Sprenger,' said Kathryn Jacquet from RB Equestrian. 'Not only was it fascinating to see the vast amount of physical effort that goes into producing each bit, it was also interesting to have an insight into the research and development behind each Sprenger product.' Victoria Highfield, from Online for Equine echoed Kathryn's comments; 'Understanding the in-depth manufacturing process has helped us to understand why the products are so unique and has demonstrated why Sprenger are the market leaders. The trip has helped to improve our sales figures as our staff are far better informed when it comes to discussing the bits with customers.'
While Erica Leeson from Harley Equestrian added; 'A fascinating and informative visit to the Sprenger head office and factory, which leaves me in no doubt that Sprenger should be every riders' first choice.'