Due to demand Sprenger has introduced new 12mm versions of its Novocontact bradoon and HO Weymouth bits.

With many horses having less room in their mouths to accommodate thick bits, especially in double bridles, the need for streamline models was recognised by the leading bit manufacturer.

Committed to safety and comfort of the horse, Sprenger undertook intensive research to ensure that these new slimmer versions wouldn't break under pressure. Both bits are manufactured using Sprenger's unique Sensogan material to give a more delicate and sophisticated connection to the horse.

  • Novocontact. Its unique oval shape design widens the contact area of the mouthpiece on the horse's tongue, without putting pressure on the palate. Ideal for horses with sensitive mouths.
  • HO Weymouth. Its slanting mouthpiece and a smooth, rounded port is angled forward to give even distribution of pressure on the tongue. Suitable for horses that dislike tongue pressure.

Novocontact bradoon from RRP £95 and, Ho Weymouth from RRP £265.