Premium German bit manufacturer, Sprenger, has added four new designs to its extensive product range.


The Bemelmans Weymouth now comes in a 14mm width (£225 RRP) to provide more comfort for horses with narrower mouths or when wearing a double bridle. It had previously only been available as a 16mm width option. There are two cheek length options 5cm and 7cm. The shorter cheeks (5cm) give more of a direct bit contact which means less rein action is required, so sensitive rider hands are important. Both models include Sensogan mouthpieces.

The optimum fit of the Bemelmans Weymouth helps keep the horse on the bit. It has a smooth, rounded port and the shape of the mouthpiece is adapted to the sensitive palatal arch, while the thickness is tapered towards the centre. The acceptance of this bit results in soft and even distribution of pressure across the entire tongue due to the exceptional form of the mouthpiece. The horse‘s impulse to put the tongue over the bit is nearly neutralised.

The single jointed bradoon is also now available with 55mm rings (£55 RRP).