Following a review of its rules, The British Eventing Sport Committee has joined BD and the FEI in legalising horizontal rowel spurs for use in its competitions.
This is good news for manufacturer of quality spurs, Sprenger, whose range includes the popular Comfort Roller Spur with horizontal rowel.
“These stainless steel spurs from Sprenger feature a large 18mm brass horizontal rowel which has smooth edges and is designed to glide along the horse’s side,” said Simon Middleton, Managing Director of Zebra Products, the exclusive distributor of Sprenger in the UK. “Their unique and innovative design gives a faster and more direct contact, but it is also very kind and soft due to the rolling action.
“We’ve been lobbying for their inclusion over the past year. Many professional and amateur competitors use these spurs, and we are delighted by the decision to legalise them.”