Sprenger Dynamic RS bits are characterised by an ergonomically shaped mouthpiece allowing a soft and even distribution of pressure for a better contact between horse and rider.
The Dynamic RS Full Cheek bit lies very quietly in the horse’s mouth as the cheeks prevent the bit from being pulled through the mouth, making it ideal for the young horse. It avoids inconvenient pressure on the back teeth.
Due to the curved joints, the mouthpiece remains in the correct central position on the tongue, letting the rein aids work perfectly with the horse’s mouth and therefore encouraging the horse’s confidence in the rider’s hand and increasing safety.

Thanks to the patented ergonomic shape, the rein aids reach the horse’s mouth in a more targeted manner. The pressure generated by the rein aid is distributed over the entire tongue, which acts like a cushion in the mouth.
The ergonomically formed mouthpiece allows a rapid and balanced effect on the tongue. It fits perfectly into the tongue and mouth contours, resulting in soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area with no pressure to the palate, encouraging the horse to chew and the effect is precise and effective.
The bit is ideal for sensitive horses or those with a fleshy tongue as it lies steady in the horse’s mouth and gentle on the corners of the mouth, supporting contact to the corners of the mouth in an extremely effective way, keeping the horse on the bit. Due to the fixed mouthpiece, the bit allows direct pressure transmission on the tongue and lower jaw.
The lateral contact helps horses that tend to fall out whilst riding or approaching an obstacle. The fine lozenge can direct gentle pressure pivotally onto the tongue.
The cheeks are most helpful with turning aids, especially with young horses. The gentle pressure against the face on the outside of the turn supports the rider’s aid, making turns much easier for the horse to understand and for the rider to carry out. The upper part of the cheeks are curved outwards away from the horse to avoid uncomfortable pressure on the jaws.
The middle link of the mouthpiece is turned to the front by 45°. This unique angle is the only way to get true contact with the tongue. When a contact is taken, the mouthpiece rolls smoothly over the horse’s tongue and stimulates it in a gentle but effective way. Clearly defined aids can therefore be given through the reins without squeezing the tongue, making it a great bit for the younger horse.
The Sprenger Dynamic RS is made from ‘Sensogan’ metal, a distinctive composition of copper, manganese and zinc. Horses like the taste and the warmth of the metal and it encourages the horse to salivate. This results in the horse mouthing the bit and relaxing the jaw, helping them to accept contact.
The Sprenger Dynamic RS Full Cheek double jointed bit is available in sizes 125mm, 135mm and 145mm with a 16mm thickness.