In light of the recent standard changes and the revised rulings of the Associations regarding helmets for the 2016 season we would like to make all parties aware of the following, and avoid any misinterpretation that may occur.

All helmets that are sold in the European Union need to carry a CE marking.

ASTM Helmets need to carry a CE label too if they are to be sold legally in Europe, and to be worn by Association members, however the CE label can only be based on a European standard. Not on the American standard. This has led to some misinterpretation within the industry.

The CE mark at this juncture applies solely to the VG1 standard.

Therefore all helmets that ONLY carry the ASTM standard are illegal because they are not legally carrying a CE mark, which is required by law for items of PPE in the European Union.

Helmets that do not carry the CE mark are illegal in the EU and to offer such items for sale can lead to a heavy financial penalty for the retailer.

uvex will not release a product for sale that does not adhere to legislation and compromises their customers and the end consumer.

uvex VG1 helmets will be available shortly, and uvex would like to thank everyone for their patience and brand loyalty.