Sprenger Comfort Roller Spurs

Sprenger Comfort Roller Spurs

Sprenger Spurs are made from the finest stainless steel and come in a variety of styles to suit the rider and horse.

As we come into the competition season these Sprenger Ultra Fit Extra Grip Spurs are an ideal addition to your competition wardrobe. They are encased in a hard rubber which not only help to protect your leather riding boots from the metal rubbing them but also help to keep your spurs in the right place when riding as the rubber “sticks” to leather.

They come in a variety of different styles and one of the most unique and innovative styles is the Comfort Roller. This spur is a great back up to the rider’s leg aid as it helps give the aid that little bit faster with direct flank contact, but is softer and less likely to cause a negative response from the horse due to its rolling action along the horses side.

The rowel is a big circular brass roller that moves along the side of the horse and prevents any marking of the horse’s side. There are two lengths of neck  both of which are complete with the same size brass rowel.

Can be fitted with leather or mesh straps and are easy to put on or remove, the Sprenger Ultra Fit Extra Grip Spurs are a must for the competition season.

Sprenger Ultra Fit Comfort Roller RRP: £78.00